Practicing the Alphabet


Here’s a quick post about an activity I’ll be doing next week to practice the alphabet with my 7th graders.

I wrote five letter Spanish words my students don’t know on index cards.  The cards are written in the following format:

I will tape a card to each student’s back so they can’t see it.  Student will have to walk around and ask their classmates, “¿Qué es letra uno?”, “¿Qué es letra dos?”, etc.  They can only ask each person one letter.  They will write down the letters as they go.  To up the fun factor we may use our small white boards because they love that or I may have them each pick a colored piece of construction paper or marker or crayon.  The colored items would be a good opportunity to reinforce colors.  Once they think they know they have to check with me to see if they are correct.  If they are they will sit down and look up to see what their word means.

I choose words from the 1000 most common Spanish words.  I have 17 students so thought a five letter word would be a good length.   If the activity goes really quickly, I’ll swap the cards and give students a different word to do.  Hopefully this activity goes well.  If I remember, I will add on and let you know how it ends up!

Until Next Time,

Maestra McH