Sneak Peek of Animal Unit


Yesterday I blogged that I’m working on a unit based on children’s books and built off of animals.  Here is a sneak peek at what I’m putting together.  It’s just the vocab sheet (VocabSheet1) and a few days of lessons plans (LP1-5) so far.  I haven’t made all of the materials yet but hopefully this will give you an idea of where I’m going and maybe a few new ideas how to introduce or practice vocabulary!  If the lesson plans seem very wordy it’s because they are.  I’m trying to explain ideas in more depth than I would if it were just me using these plans as well as give a few different options of how to do things based on class size and your preferences. LP1-5 is Lesson Plans Day 1-5 (only day 1 and 2 in first drafts so far).  I’ll be updating and re-posting materials as they evolve.  Let me know what you think and enjoy!

Until Next Time,

Maestra McH.


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