Smore, FotoBabble & a Party


My Spanish 3 kiddos have been working through a unit about parties and the structure Ojalá que + subjunctive.  As an assessment I decided to take a page from Sharon Birch’s (@sraslb) blog and have a party.  This assessment had three pieces:

1) Create an invite to a party

2) Leave a voicemail RSVPing to a party

3) Attend a party

Students used to create an invite to a party.  The students had a great time customizing the invites, some even adding pictures of classmates or celebrities who would be attending.  It was quick, easy and free.  Students created a free account using their school email account and sent me their invites via email which made grading a snap.  On the downside, smore seems to send a lot of emails so I need to find the box that says “Don’t send me stuff” and make sure that gets clicked!

I was introduced to FotoBabble at the NETA conference recently.  It’s a free app or website that allows you to take a picture, you can even edit it a bit, then record audio to go with it.  I had the students take a picture of themselves then record their RSVP.  I created a free account and all students posted under that same account.  You can email the photos which is what I had them do but then I realized that since they were all on the same account, I could access them all in one place online even though students used different iPods to create them!  Snazzy!  We used the app on iPods and I had a few issues with the fotobabbles not uploading to the network in some cases.  I’m not sure what the cause of this was but I think if we used the website, we could avoid this issue altogether.  I’ll be using this app in the future for sure.

The Party
This is where Sharon Birch was a huge inspiration.  After students had done invites and RSVPs, we had a party.  Each student was a famous movie or TV star at a party and others had to find out who they were without asking their name or a title of one of their works.  I used Sharon Birch’s sheet she had posted on her website without much alteration to it.  We did one day of practice so students could get the hang of it then the next day we had our actual party.  I had intended to get fun food but forgot so we settled for M&Ms I always have on hand!  I didn’t have students dress up this year but in the future think it would be fun to have them dress up in “ropa elegante”.  I had music playing (Spanish of course) in the background throughout and students had a lot of fun talking and guessing who was who.  As Sharon says in her post about this, I’d love to say everyone was in TL the whole time but that’s not the case.  However, a lot of students did stay in TL and with prompting returned to it.  They are still surprised by the fact that they can communicate and understand each other in a language other than English.

All in all I’m happy with how this lesson turned out.  I’ll do a little tweaking to it in the future I’m sure but will repeat it.  Head on over the Materials page to see my project rubric for the invite and rsvp.

Until Next Time,

Maestra McH.

An Invite (Shrunk so I could copy it)

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 7.39.05 AM


Screenshot of a finished fotobabble

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 7.40.42 AM


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