#NETA13: New Sites I’m Excited to Explore


For the past two days I’ve been at Nebraska Educational Technology Association’s (NETA) 2013 conference.  I’ve seen some great stuff to try!  Here’s a quick list of what I found.

I am most excited about this site.  If you’re familiar with Socrative or Nearpod, it’s as if the two got together and created Infuse.  It’s very much like Socrative in that you can create quizzes or ask questions on the fly.  It’s like Nearpod in that it offers the ever popular drawing feature.  Infuse offers the following types of questions: T/F, MC, Sort/Order, Likert Scale, Drawing and free text.  Another cool feature which I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse is that it will translate questions automatically between English-Spanish-German-French-Chinese-Russian and I’m not sure what else.  I’ve only done a few test questions but the translation seems to be accurate.  You can set up classes so you know exactly who answered what.  It looks very promising as a classroom tool.

I haven’t played with this one yet but basically it lets you make step by step instructions.  It reminded me a lot of SlideShare based on it’s looks.  You can import all kinds of media and easily pull from YouTube, Google search, any website, etc.  Might be good for helping students understand processes, review info or introduce new concepts.  Looked pretty easy to use.

I love me some Google forms but hate making them.  I don’t find the creation process to be very user friendly.  Welcome to wufoo.  Besides being fun to say, it’s super easy to drop and drag a form into creation.  I haven’t experimented much with this but am excited about exploring it.

Is a site with tons of flyer templates.  Could be handy for posters for school events or clubs.

If you got here via Twitter you know how important it is to be able to shorten URLs.  Well, what if you could give someone a list of shortened URLs to look at?  Now you can.  You can enter multiple URLs into fur.ly and it will create one short link that takes the clickers to the first URL you shortened and gives them a yellow scroll bar at the top to go through all the sites you entered, via one URL.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 2.38.17 PM

There were a lot of cool apps that I was introduced to as well.  As I try them out, I’ll post if they are good tools.  I hope the sites above help in some way!

Until Next Time,

Maestra McH


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