Why I Love Twitter


I’ve heard a some teachers comment that they don’t get what the big deal is with Twitter.  Here’s the big deal (for me at least).

My History
I was fortunate enough to student teach under the wonderful @kaleestahr and in the first week she made me get a Twitter account.  I didn’t have one and didn’t really get it.  She quickly showed me the ropes, including Tweet Deck, and introduced me to her followers, many of which I follow closely today.

My Present Situation
I teach at a small school in rural Nebraska.  When I say small, I mean small.  Our k-12 enrollment is around 275 this year.  I am the only language teacher in the school and am isolated to the third floor of an older building with no other high school teachers in my building except the high school SPED teacher who spends a lot of her day being superwoman and running all over the school.  The key word in that last sentence is “isolated”.

Twitter has been the string connecting me to other language teachers and my only real source of world language professional development.  I’ve been able to get ideas, resources, support, collaboration, pen pals, friends and entertainment from Twitter.

“But it’s so overwhelming!”
Yes, Twitter can be overwhelming but you don’t have to read it all.  Give it a shot.  You’ll quickly learn what kinds of tweets help you.  You’ll find people who post great resources.  You’ll also quickly learn who posts nothing but kitty pictures and negative vibes and you can quickly unfollow them if that’s not your thing!

All those weird acronyms and symbols, RT, DM, Ss, @, #.  You’ll get those figured out too!

My Advice
Give it a shot.  Find people that are into Twitter but not TOO into Twitter.  It’s not the end-all-be-all of PD or resources but for this isolated newbie, it’s a great place to start.

Don’t know where to start?
You can start with me! @lisajmch

Until Next Time,

Maestra McH


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